vapman portable pocket butane torch swiss vaporizer

The vapman butane torch-powered vaporizer is a Swiss product. Its development and production is in line with the traditional values of Swiss industry, with the highest demands regarding quality, reliability, and precision. We put the greatest possible value on the satisfaction of our customers.

The Vapman is made by hand in Switzerland from natural materials such as wood, stainless steel, copper, and gold.

No plastics or glues are ever used!

vapman gives its user the feeling and ritual of using a pipe. You heat and then draw – unlike other torch vaporizers where you have to keep heating it at the same time you draw.

Although Magic Flight’s Launch Box vaporizer is very good and has a large following, we believe that vapman is superior in efficiency and the fact that it doesn’t use batteries makes it the best vaporizer for camping, and it is EMP Strike-Proof, and post Zombie Apocalypse friendly!




The mouthpiece is for reasons of hygiene made of POM plastic and is resistant to solvents and heat up to 240°F. It can be cleaned with alcohol, acetone or in boiling water. We also offer mouthpieces made of various hardwoods.


Middle Section

Just like the handle ring, the middle section is also made of wood, since it is the only material that fulfills the specific requirements of the vapman. It is heat-resistant, insulates against heat, is easy to work with and completely non-poisonous. Here, too, we can on request make a special series from woods of your choice.


Retaining Springs

The two springs are made of stainless steel.


Middle Section Filter

Just like the springs, the filter is made of very durable stainless steel.


Heating Pan

The heating pan is made of gold-plated copper. Copper is the ideal material because it is an excellent conductor of heat. Furthermore, the form and weight of the pan have been optimized to allow a swift, uniform distribution of heat. The gold plate prevents the pan from oxidization or discoloring.


Air Tubes

The nozzle system specially developed for the vapman ensures the ideal mixture of air and active ingredients and makes the device particularly easy to use. The three nozzles with their extremely small holes are made of brass. They are held in a stepped bore and are flanged at the end. This allows them to be bound very securely to the pan.



The three clamps are made of aluminum. Because of their low mass, they absorb very little heat energy. Thus the device does not heat up during use and no heat is wasted. Instead, the temperature necessary for vaporization is reached quicker.


Handle Ring (Body)

The Body or Handle Ring is made of wood – the only material that fulfills the specific requirements of the vapman. It is heat-resistant, insulates against heat, is easy to work with and completely non-poisonous. Upon request, we can make a special series of bodies from woods of your choice.


Heat Protection

The heat protection is made of mica, a natural mineral. Mica is completely free of poisonous substances, even at very high temperatures.

Vapor Inhalation (Information)

Herbal agents are inhaled through the vaporizer. You can do this for medical reasons or for the plain enjoyment of herbs or aromatic substances. Vapor inhalation produces no smoke, and the vapor containing the concentrated ingredients of the plants without any tar or other harmful chemicals. It’s a very similar process as making a Tea from herbs.

How does vaporizing work?

Plant matter is heated with a vaporizer and the active ingredients are and inhaled in the vapor. In contrast to smoking, phyto-inhalation (Plant matter inhalation), produces no smoke. This means that the vapors do not contain any contaminants at all, but only the active ingredients. These are taken up into the lungs efficiently and quickly and enter the bloodstream quickly and directly.

The effect can be felt after just a few seconds, and taking the right dose is thus very easy. Vaporizing is also very frugal with plant material, using a third of the amount of plant material compared to smoking. It is also very gentle on the lungs and airways. At the mouthpiece, the hot vapors are mixed with cool, fresh air, making the temperature of the vapors inhaled at roughly the same temperature of the human body.

What can be Vaporized in a vapman?

All natural substances that are not destroyed by boiling can be vaporized. So all known plants can be vaporized. Different parts of a plant can be vaporized, from the blossom to the root. Plant mixtures can also be vaporized. You should consult an expert, or the appropriate literature for information on the effect and use of medicinal plants

More important information

Use dried and finely ground plant material, which allows the active ingredients to be heated more effectively. The boiling point of plant ingredients lies between 230°F and 446°F.

When vaporizing herbs it is important to heat the material slowly and to  not overheat and combust the material. You can quickly taste the ingredients, and when you are not getting anything else from the vaporizer.

You should end up with faint brown color herbs, not black or burnt. They should rather have the color of roasted coffee or nuts.